Environmental damage makes many people use environmentally friendly technologies such as solar system for home. Environmentally friendly technology is one of the industrial sectors in great demand by the public lately. In addition to making the earth greener, having environmentally friendly technology in your home can also make the house’s selling value higher.

One of the environmentally friendly technologies you can apply at home is installing solar panels. The price of solar panels itself is pretty affordable and not too expensive. Among the many solar panel systems, it turns out that several types are the best and are highly recommended for use at home. Anything? Check out the explanation as follows.

Best Solar System for Home

There are several recommendations for the best solar panel products. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyers’ reviews, and the seller’s level of trust. These products are available in various marketplaces.

  • Canadian Solar High Power Dual Cell PERC Module

PERC technology is a rising technology. The solar panel’s backside is also used to widen the absorption area. The energy produced is also 6-12% greater than the other panels. So you only need fewer panels with higher efficiency. Those who like solar panels immediately use and enjoy this new technology.

  • Sunrei Solar Panel 10W

This solar panels can be folded and taken anywhere. With 10 watts of power, you can use it to charge your phone or flashlight while camping. Electric current from solar panels can be streamed via USB. Practical. So, those of you who like to do outdoor activities can still take advantage of solar energy. You can also enjoy the outdoors while still living an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

  • Army Grade Solar Power Bank

Even if it has 1 watt of power, this Army Grade power bank is reliable. The monocrystalline panel inside allows for highly efficient light absorption. Those who often travel long distances no longer have to worry if the phone’s power suddenly drops. This power bank, equipped with a flashlight and three USB plugs, is perfect for your travel companion. The waterproof, dust-resistant, and stable features prove that this tool is suitable for outdoor use. Keep your solar panel power bank clean from dust, and the absorption of sunlight can be maintained.

  • Xionel Portable Solar Panel

Do you often charge multiple devices at one time? If so, you can try this product. This portable solar panel from Xionel has four connectors of various sizes. The product is more practical and suitable for traveling because it is packaged in the form of a bag. Plus, this solar panel is also equipped with a battery clip.

  • INScom Solar Panel

Various manufacturers are thinking of ways to maximize the efficiency of solar panels. One of them is to use glass equipped with an anti-reflective coating. This layer keeps the solar panels from reflecting light so that light will be absorbed more efficiently. Consider this product if you often feel annoyed because solar panels are not optimal in absorbing light.

How to Install a Solar System for Home

No  Installing Solar System for Home 
1 Place the solar panel slab in a place easily exposed to sunlight, for example, near a tile/roof
2 Next, connect to the battery
3 Then connect it to your electrical equipment. Electrical equipment can be used as usual if the power source is DC
4 If the battery runs out, you can add a tool called a solar charge controller


  • Kenika Pollycrystalline Solar Panels

The problem with using solar panels is that the weather is sometimes unfriendly. This solar panel from Kenika is very understanding of these conditions. The light absorption is excellent, so it can maintain the electric power tolerance to remain positive. The resulting wattage remains high even if you live in an area with high rainfall. On the other hand, the anodized aluminum alloy frame is also anti-rust. This 100 wp solar panel also becomes more durable.

  • Sun Asia Solar Panel

The risk of reversal of current from the battery to the solar power system can cause damage. A blocking diode is installed as protection. Sun Asia has also established two bypass diodes to optimize absorption when one of the panels is not receiving light. With the presence of these diodes, this solar panel will work more optimally and last longer.

  • Shinyoku Solar Panel Poly

Solar panels that are outdoors will undoubtedly be exposed to various weather conditions. Therefore, Shinyoku uses tempered glass coating technology on its solar panels. Tempered glass is glass that is hardened so that it becomes several times stronger than ordinary glass. This glass is often used as a safety layer, including solar panels. Using this protection, the security of the solar panels is better maintained without interfering with the absorption of sunlight.


What are solar panels used for?

-Solar panels, sometimes also called photovoltaics collect energy from the Sun in the form of sunlight and convert it into electricity that can be used to power homes or businesses. These panels can be used to supplement a building’s electricity or provide power at remote locations.

What are the 2 types of solar panels?

-There are two main types of solar panel cells: polycrystalline and monocrystalline. It’s important to understand the difference between the two, because your choice will determine the cost and amount of roof space your solar installation requires.