Tesla is not the first electric car manufacturer, but Elon Musk’s company has revolutionized the industry. Tesla created the innovations and interests that have propelled the electric vehicle market to new heights. Elon and his team are starting to set their sights on bringing battery power into homes. Tesla’s Powerwall is not the first home battery, but it’s certainly a major player in this field.

No doubt they will do great things for this powerwall. What exactly is Tesla Powerwall? What advantages can you get? Find the answer in this article.

What is Tesla PowerWall?

The Tesla PowerWall is an ion battery for your home. It allows the homeowner to store power which can be used then in the event of a power outage or for the solar owner to keep excess energy generated by the panels. Although it is not specifically related to solar as a technology, PowerWall works well with solar installer. Replacing fossil fuels is Elon’s big motivation in creating the technology.

When the company was born, he said his goal was to change how the world uses energy fundamentally. It sounds crazy, but they want to turn the entire world’s energy infrastructure into zero carbon.

Benefit & Powerwall Tesla Price 

Many people operate solar installations without batteries. Batteries are not a required component of a grid-tied solar installation. What benefits make solar installations better?

  • No Power Outage

You can sell the excess electricity from the solar panels back to the utility company with net measurements. It means that they will save you money when they are not generating electricity. But using the power company as a virtual battery is useless to you when the power goes out. PowerWall allows you to save energy. It doesn’t only mean you will be sitting with the lights on while everyone else is in the dark, but it will also allow you to reduce your dependence on the power company.

  • Increase Property Value

PowerWall is like adding value to your property. Solar panels and batteries that can make them useful during a power outage are very beneficial improvements to your home because they can directly increase the property’s actual value. Lots of interesting fixes, and this will make a lot of people willing to pay more. Very few achieve the cost savings of a complete solar installation that saves power.

How Much Does Powerwall Tesla Cost 

No  Number of Powerwalls Installed  Total Cost 
1 $11,500
2 $18,500
3 $25,500
4 $32,500
5 $40,500
6 $48,500
7 $56,500
8 $64,500
9 $72,500
10 $80,500


  • More Environmentally Friendly

When we learn about the effects of global warming, many people feel compelled to do the work to help reduce our impact as humans on the environment. Elon’s quote about wanting to get rid of previous carbon-based energy. If you have the same goals as Elon, then PowerWall is a great step and can be taken to reduce your carbon footprint compared to what solar power alone can do. With PowerWall and self-consumption, the use of fossil fuels can be drastically reduced or even eliminated.

  • Energy Independence

By installing a solar system and Tesla PowerWall, homeowners can be free from the electricity network. No severe electricity bills, less time worrying about energy consumption.

  • Energy Security

In the case of a network outage, Powerwall can detect a temporary outage and restore power to your home. Batteries can do this at speeds more than 100 times that of a conventional emergency generator.

  • Save More Money

The first PowerWall battery system installed in Australia recorded a 90% savings on electricity bills. However, the savings from a solar system for home are not instant, and homeowners should consider it will be several years before their plan can pay off their investment.

  • As Easy as Pressing a Button

Powerwall can be controlled via the Tesla mobile app in real-time from anywhere in the world. From within the app, homeowners can select several modes for their battery which include:

  • Self Powered. In self-powered mode, the Tesla Powerwall stores excess energy from the solar panels for energy consumption at night.
  • Backup power. With backup power mode, your Powerwall saves energy during a power outage.
  • Time-based control. In this setting, you can decide when your PowerWall refuels the home, which means homeowners can avoid expensive energy rates for certain hours, saving money on electricity bills.
  • Be wary of storms. With the storm warning mode in place, PowerWall will connect to the national weather agency and save its power for forecasted severe weather.
  • Precondition. Since batteries are usually more difficult to discharge in cold weather, you can set PowerWall to precondition during winter. It will warm up the PowerWall so it can store additional energy.


What is a Tesla Powerwall used for?

-Powerwall is an integrated battery system that stores your solar energy for backup protection, so when the grid goes down your power stays on. Your system detects outages and automatically recharges with sunlight to keep your appliances running for days.

Is it worth it to install Tesla Powerwall?

-In my honest opinion, Yes the powerwall is worth it for homeowners who are looking to save even more money on their energy bills. However, you will need to make sure you generate enough energy. With that being said, a Tesla powerwall is one of the best solar batteries you can find on the market today.