What is Large Scale Solar?

Large scale solar (LSS), also known as solar farm, can generate from hundreds of kilowatts to thousands of megawatts of solar power. Other terms used for LSS include solar power generation and utility-scale solar power.

A solar farm is a large-scale solar installation in which photovoltaic (PV) panels, referred to as solar panels, or other means to collect solar energy, such as a centralized system of panels used to collect solar power from the solar system. They differ from rooftop solar panels and even commercial solar panels in several important ways.

A solar farm is also known as a solar garden and solar power plant. They operate as power plants, such as natural gas power plants or other sources of energy generation that have generated electricity for consumers.

Project Development

We provide total engineering solutions for our clients. As a solar power plant owner and operator, we understand the importance of detailed design and considerations in developing a project.

Preliminary Assessment

Our design team uses internationally recognised solar software to simulate a close to actual scenario of energy savings.

Engineering Works

A comprehensive site assessment will be conducted, providing insights to an optimal and high-value engineering solar design.

Installation to Commissioning

As a licensed design-build solar contractor, we ensure that the project complies to strict guidelines and regulations set by the authorities.

Authority & Regulatory Liaison

We will manage all project related documentation with the relevant authorities. (Eg: SEDA, Suruhanjaya Tenaga, MIDA and TNB).

Large Scale Solar Panels

Large scale solar panels are an investment in the future that not only requires cleaner technology but also requires us to make good use of solar energy. Solar farms are typically built in response to initiatives to support clean energy goals and create healthier communities with access to affordable energy.

Solar farms are very profitable because landowners can earn money from unused land, serve residents with better access and help the country meet energy and environmental targets.

A solar farm is a solar field whose size can reach tens to hundreds of hectares. The solar field should be on a level area that is cleared with minimal wetlands and near three-phase electricity and transmission substations. Solar panels are usually mounted on a rack system and then placed in strategic locations to utilize unused agricultural or commercial land. These solar panels can also be part of a functioning farm as they pose no danger to humans, livestock, or crops in adjacent fields.


Innovative Solutions

Every client is unique with its own expectations, our services are individually catered.

High Quality Products

We select only Tier-1 rated by Bloomberg New Energy Finance - a ranking of solar panel manufacturers, providing assurance to quality & reliability.

Rooftop Safety

Our sister company, Kumpulan Ikram Sdn Bhd – an industry specialist will provide a detailed rooftop loading and uplift assessment ensuring structural safety & integrity.

Rooftop Refurbishment

Worry-free rooftop repair and replacement with our panel rooftop contractors making sure your roof prevents the rain & harvest the sun

Customised Proposal

All our proposals are tailor-made to meet our clients’ requirements and site conditions. Every proposal is unique at the most competitive pricing.


Large Scale Solar PV

When asked who owns a solar farm, the answer is not simple. Solar power from the solar system in Malaysia is a useful resource for anyone who uses electricity. For that reason, almost every entity one can think of from the individual homeowner to the utility itself could benefit from installing large scale solar PV. Solar farms are usually used for one of the purposes be it for utilities, for businesses, for customers, or individual homeowners.

Currently, solar power is the cheapest energy in the world. That’s why utility companies in all countries are developing solar fields to lower their bills. Big businesses are currently building large-scale solar PV to help keep pace with the sizable demand for electricity. Solar farms are often built for residential as well as commercial customers.

Operation & Maintenance

All our clients may remotely monitor (on mobile or desktop) the performance of their solar power system. With our preventive and corrective maintenance services offered, our clients shall have a peace of mind that their solar power system will always be performing at optimum levels.

Solar Investment

We understand that solar installation can be difficult, especially when it comes to financing. But with i2 Energy, there will be no more worries as we provide an investment plan that will benefit both the clients and our company. Let us fund your solar project through our investment scheme that's highly scrutinized to be the best choice for those who are in need of financial benefits.


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