High Rise Building

This is an in-house project for the group’s education division, Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL). The proposed project is for one of the university block on campus, which is located on a 13-storey high building.

The objective of this solar project is to save approximately 20% of the current electricity usage. The system is used as an education model for the engineering university students.

What we did was to improvise the transport of materials (solar panels, inverters & etc.) to the roof of the building. A detailed assessment on potential routes to be transported were carried out. We custom design the size of the loading bed so multiple panels could be transported every time by using the lifts to speed up on the installation works. Some components were 3 metres in length hence not being able to fit in the lift. As there was an open staircase, a pulley system was custom built to transport the components to the roof.

The project was a great success and was completed within the allocated time frame. The solar PV system helps to save the university about RM7,000 – RM8,000 every month. Not to mentioned, when TNB did the upgrading works to their cabling, nearly 3 levels of the 13-storey building had electricity generated from the solar PV system.