The main components of a solar system in Malaysia are photovoltaic (PV) panels, a DC to AC power converter, and a rack system that holds the PV panels in place. PV panels are usually installed on the roof. A good power plant panel should face north, west, or east.

The south-facing panels will work but the generation will be much reduced, especially in winter. Ideally, the panels should be tilted at least 10 degrees to ensure maximum rain-cleaning of the panels.

Solar PV panels on the roofs of homes and businesses generate clean electricity when sunlight hits the panels. This conversion occurs in solar panel cells which are specially made of silicon. Solar power usually has no moving parts except for the inverter which is sometimes equipped with a small cooling fan.

I2 Energy is a joint venture between Protasco Berhad and Icon Energy Sdn Bhd. The company is known as the earliest innovator in the solar energy field in Malaysia. This is the combined skill of expert solar installer technicians.

Project Development

We provide total engineering solutions for our clients. As a solar power plant owner and operator, we understand the importance of detailed design and considerations in developing a project.

Preliminary Assessment

Our design team uses internationally recognised solar software to simulate a close to actual scenario of energy savings.

Engineering Works

A comprehensive site assessment will be conducted, providing insights to an optimal and high-value engineering solar design.

Installation to Commissioning

As a licensed design-build solar contractor, we ensure that the project complies to strict guidelines and regulations set by the authorities.

Authority & Regulatory Liaison

We will manage all project related documentation with the relevant authorities. (Eg: SEDA, Suruhanjaya Tenaga, MIDA and TNB).

Solar System in Malaysia for Home

There are several types of solar systems in Malaysia for homes. Each type has its pros and cons. Know more about different types of solar systems in Malaysia.

Grid Connected Solar with Energy Storage

This is the first type of solar system in Malaysia. It can be one of the most preferred energy systems even if costs increase. Why is it popular? One of the reasons is because it is equipped with an energy storage system which is mostly in the form of batteries. The advantage of this system is that it saves money for consumers. This is because if there is energy stored in the battery then the battery will use it instead of network power.

Direct Current Solar Systems

This type of solar system is very different because it does not provide power to the entire house. It provides power to DC equipment or batteries and both. This can be considered the most basic type of solar system because it is designed to be used only when the sun is shining. One of the advantages is that it is very efficient. This is because it only uses one conversion i.e. DC which makes it more effective.


This type is also easy to install and coordinate because it uses one power inverter. It makes it easier for you to coordinate different functions. This type of solar system also directs more energy to the battery. This is because the inverter capacity does not limit the amount of energy flow.

Grid-Connected System

This is the most commonly used system. A grid-connected system connects to your home and local network. It can divert excess energy back into the grid. This system does not use a lot of equipment compared to other types of systems. One of the reasons this system is so good is that it doesn't require much maintenance. Operational costs are very low.


This type of system is also attractive because of its low price compared to other types. This is because it uses less equipment. But there is one big drawback is that consumers will not be able to use the energy generated by the panels when the sun goes down.

Off-Grid Residential Solar Panel System

The off-grid residential solar panel system is one type of solar system in Malaysia. These systems are usually located in rural areas because electricity is still expensive. This system is not connected to the local power grid. One of the best things about this system is that the electricity you use is yours. You will not pay for electricity. You are also safe from electricity shortages.


This system is expensive at first because you have to invest in this equipment to make sure your home has electricity when the sun goes down.

Solar Energy System in Malaysia

Malaysia is blessed with 4-6 hours of bright sunshine per day which is perfect for solar panels. People who use solar panels in Malaysia, the government uses the Net Energy Metering (NEM) mechanism to calculate the electricity used. This method allows consumers to sell the excess energy generated by solar panels. It also allows consumers to make substantial energy savings even if the initial cost of large scale solar panels is quite high.


Innovative Solutions

Every client is unique with its own expectations, our services are individually catered.

High Quality Products

We select only Tier-1 rated by Bloomberg New Energy Finance - a ranking of solar panel manufacturers, providing assurance to quality & reliability.

Rooftop Safety

Our sister company, Kumpulan Ikram Sdn Bhd – an industry specialist will provide a detailed rooftop loading and uplift assessment ensuring structural safety & integrity.

Rooftop Refurbishment

Worry-free rooftop repair and replacement with our panel rooftop contractors making sure your roof prevents the rain & harvest the sun

Customised Proposal

All our proposals are tailor-made to meet our clients’ requirements and site conditions. Every proposal is unique at the most competitive pricing.

Operation & Maintenance

All our clients may remotely monitor (on mobile or desktop) the performance of their solar power system. With our preventive and corrective maintenance services offered, our clients shall have a peace of mind that their solar power system will always be performing at optimum levels.

Solar Investment

We understand that solar installation can be difficult, especially when it comes to financing. But with i2 Energy, there will be no more worries as we provide an investment plan that will benefit both the clients and our company. Let us fund your solar project through our investment scheme that's highly scrutinized to be the best choice for those who are in need of financial benefits.


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